BTT not getting clicks from Magic Mouse in MacOS Ventura


I rely for years in BTT for having a middle click in my Magic Mouse. After upgrading my MacBook to Ventura (13.0.1), BTT seems to fail to detect there is a Magic Mouse connected, as the Live View does not show any taps/clicks.
I have already updated to Alpha 3.957 (2122) and restarted MacOS to no avail.


is BTT maybe disabled? (there would be a message when clicking the BTT menubar icon)

In general the Magic Mouse support still works fine.

BTT is not disabled. I use it successfully for window snapping and keyboard shortcuts.
While I was writing this reply, I went on to test what would work with the Magic Mouse. After I added an action for "1 Finger Middle Click" it started working, and it now even shows the Live View.

Ah sorry, I thought you had already added it. The whole gesture recognition system will only be enabled if at least one gesture has been added.