BTT no longer does the ONE THING I wanted from it

I got BTT solely to disable the shit-ass touch bar on my Mac. The latest update does not do this. I've spent a couple hours playing with it to no avail. The interface is completely new--a poor choice--and I've exhausted every avenue I can think of to get back what I want, which is NO TOUCHBAR BUTTONS--EXCEPT ONE ENABLING ME TO RE-ACTIVATE TOUCHBAR BUTTONS--which I will never, ever use.

Please, explain to me how to do this on this "improved" version of BTT

You might want to consider going into the Keyboard settings in System Preferences and choosing the expanded control strip or F-keys under "Touch Bar shows". That should permanently show the keys like you would have them on a non-Touch Bar Device.
Alternatively, here is a preset that should do what you expect. All you have to do is import it directly into BTT and it should work.

Can't help with touchbar as I have an older laptop but about the new UI:
I do kind of agree that (even though it looks a bit more modern) it is not really an improvement of the user-experience. I think there are still a lot of UX problems like lack of focus on the important elements, but I am confident that they are working on it and improve it over time.

Meanwhile they still give you the option to open the old user interface. If you click on the BTT icon in the top-right status bar you can choose "Old Configuration UI"

Using the old UI worked fine. Thanks for the tips.

There's even a setting in the preferences somewhere to keep the old as default, if you prefer to use that.

Change can be difficult for some, I completely understand that. If you dive into the new UI, you will find it's not only superior, but much better all around then the OLD UI. Be prepared, the OLD UI will go away at some point im sure. (Just speculating)

BTW, there are terminal commands to simply remove the Touch Bar completely. For me, the touch bar is an amazing tool for so many things.

I would love to try that out too, I hope apple release an external keyboard with touchbar soon.

off topic but an external keyboard won't be very ergonomic imo. The screen is too far from the touchbar which will result in head bobbing... On macbooks its fine because the screen is pretty much 1.5cm away from it.

I think it would still be fine for static information like weather, stock prices etc. which do not have any relation to the main screen. :slight_smile: