BTT: Next Page button for Stream Deck

I'm a new user for BTT and Stream Deck

I am fumbling around BTT - using that as the only way to set Stream Deck buttons.

I observed a Forward button in the Stream Deck, but can't find it in the settings in BTT.

  1. Can someone tell me what the Action is in BTT to advance Stream Deck one page, then another action to go Back one page?

  2. Has anyone got a full list of all the available actions in BTT, within the categories? It would be useful to have one to see and understand all that can be done.

  3. I also want to 'set the values' in the TouchBar - within the default display, Ctrl, Cmd, etc. Can anyone point me to some good info to do that, one that includes how to move the options in the order I want them in the TouchBar

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