BTT messes with a menu bar and a microphone

So, I've been having this problem recently that whenever BTT was running (I use it for a Touch Bar), it would somehow block icons for all new opened apps in menu bar. If I were to run Shazam while BTT is running, it wouldn't be seen in a menu bar until I would kill the BTT process.

The interesting thing goes for a mic, though. I was talking through Discord recently, and at some point it just lost my mic and would not see it again. I restarted my mac more than once, before I killed BTT and everything seemed to work again afterwards. It is not problem of Discord, as I checked system preferences, and macOS couldn't detect the sound from internal mic as well.
Interestingly enough, some apps seemed to behave differently. For instance, I use a messenger app for a social media popular in my country (Russian VK), and what it did with voice calls is let me talk for a random time and then abruptly shut the mic.

None of these problems seem to appear, when BTT is not running. So, what the heck it might be and are there possible solutions?

I use up to date macOS Catalina on MacBook Pro 13' Late 2016 and a trial of BTT 3.346 (1554) with the attached preset nogoodsz.bttpreset (1.1 MB)