BTT keeps reopening Safari upon Quit (+ high CPU usage?)

Hello folks,

I've been using BTT for quite some time and I love it but there are a couple of issues that are driving me crazy and that I've been unable to pinpoint the root cause other than it's something to do with BTT.

To get to this conclusion I ended up uninstalling all Safari extensions (the same behaviour persisted) and then I started disabling/closing apps to get the MacOS "bare essentials" going and kept opening the apps that I usually run one by one and quitting Safari until it would show the reopening behaviour again. Seems like BTT is the culprit of this behaviour, but I don't understand how, so I need your helping sorting this out.

Is there a log or a "debug mode" or anything that would help me pinpoint the issue? The other option I have is removing everything from BTT (other than the defaults) and then start to re-add until I get something of the sort, but I spent A LOT of time customising BTT and would hate to un-do it all to debug this issue.

So, help me out. Where/how can I find information that would point me to the root-cause of all of this?

Maybe you have some Apple Script running in BTT that does something with Safari?
Unfortunately there is no debug mode.

Wow! That was a pretty fast reply! Really nice! :slight_smile:

Though not the greatest of news..

So no debug mode. Would disabling elements work, i.e., by disabling, are they assured to not trigger?
If not, is there a way to backup the current config to start anew?

You can try to disable your current preset and create a new one:

Hmm, unfortunately that doesn't seem to work either :thinking:...

However, quitting BTT fixes this.. Weird

I'll try to remove the "extra" profiles as the next step

Create a backup of this folder just in case:
~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool (go there via Finder => Go => Go to Folder, make sure to include the ~)