BTT Keeps hiding


So, when I start up btt (or actually when it starts up at login) btt appears, takes over my touchbar, all is good. After some time, and I have been unable to figure when or for what reason, it hides, leaving me with the standard mac configuration of the touchbar. This requires me to click on the "Your TouchBar is hidden, Click to show" option in the BTT menu. Ive tried going through all the menus but have been unable to find an option to disable this. It also seems to happen at random intervals, sometimes staying active for a whole day, otherwise hiding 3-5 times in a 6 hour working session. Im unsure if its a bug, but have similarly been unable to identify a trigger for this behaviour, which is why I have posted this under questions.

any help is appreciated!


I have the same issue, maybe one time in 10 wake-ups. I'm unable to fix it (toggle setting, relaunch etc).



try to add a little after sleep init delay in the advanced Touch Bar settings in BTT :slight_smile: