BTT just.... dies


my BTT just keeps crashing... after some time (minutes) it always crashes and the original MacOS touchbar is visible... then I need to restart BTT from the menu and then it's OK again... for some minutes...

Affected device: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) Intel, running MacOS 11.5.1 (20G80), specifically its touchbar.
BTT version: 3.579

try to download a fresh copy via - Great Tools for your Mac!, sounds like yours might be damaged

Hello, I have deleted the existing copy, have installed the freshest one downloaded from your web but it's just the same. I switch to Outlook and BTT's customized touchbar is just gone... I restart BTT - it comes back. Switch to Chrome, switch back to Outlook (e.g.) - it's gone again.
My trial period is ending and I'm getting less and less convinced to buy it... which I would love to... if it would only work.

I've been watching BTT since yesterday if it's an app or something that kills it, e.g. by trying to force its own TB settings but no. E.g. I'm typing a reply on Facebook, when I start typing BTT is on... and it just does away in the middle of my typing... and the other issue I'm having is that the time/date widget show incorrect time, e.g. now it's 11:20 but the widget shows 11:09... and the battery widget does not show the percentage of my battery but ??%... can it me some sort of a permission/rights issue?

No reply yet... another observation: whenever I start an application, BTT dies.

Unfortunately I have no clue what could cause this for you.

Maybe check whether the Touch Bar settings in System Preferences -> Keyboard are correctly set to „Shows App Controls with Control Strip“. However usually BTT should warn about this.

Yes, it's set. It was, I've "unset" it and have set it again just in case it was stuck in between.

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