BTT isn't changing speed of my magic trackpad

i just created a new partition to try out High Sierra. i updated it to the current version, installed my BTT, registered, updated it... everything is the latest version.

opened preferences and cranked the speed up to 8 as i'm accustomed.
[i'm disabled and have very limited movement in my finger. anyway...]
no change. it felt like stock speed still.

i opened the apple trackpad preferences and turned it all the way up.
barely faster.

switched back to BTT and turned it up all the way to 14.
no change. it felt like stock speed still.

i reset BTT's setting to start over and noticed resetting wasn't actually changing the settings. i tried 3 times and the speed remained set at 14 instead of reverting to default [isn't default 3 or 4?].

help please?

it works great in my other OSes.

system details

Unfortunately on recent macOS versions Apple locked the speed to the maximum that can be set in System Preferences. BetterTouchTool can currently not work around that.

you're kidding me, please?

i don't 'want' this, i require it. are there any work-arounds?
has anyone else addressed this?

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any other app that works with the current macOS versions either ;-(
(However if you find any, I't would be great if you'd let me know)

You could try this terminal command:

defaults write -g -float 5.0

Apparently on some systems this was still working (requires logout and back in after running it)

that will work for the magic trackpad v1?

In my experience it doesn't work anymore, but some users reported success.

i haven't asked him yet about the issue you said is apple's doing. i've used his other wares before though and know he does quality work.

i'll have to try CursorSense.

Ah that's awesome so there still must be a way to do it.
I'll try to figure it out!

//edit: yup seems to be possible! For other devs:
IOHIDServiceClientSetProperty(handle, @"HIDPointerResolution", @(1900));

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do me a big favor please and keep me posted on your progress?

i'm willing to test it for you too. :smile:

Hello Andreas.
I've had the same problem (I know this is two years later..:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
I downloaded CursorSense and yes, it still works! I enjoy having my mouse on very high sensitivity, and this allowed that. So please look into it and try to fix the BTT one. I've started a 20 day free trial on CS, but I don't want to be paying for that as well as BTT when my trial is over.
Please fix this!
Thanks :slight_smile:

unfortunately cursor sense uses a complicated hack that won’t work in the context of BTT. If you need that feature you probably need cursor sense — I don’t know of any other top that can do it.