BTT is really awesome! But how do I get the touchbar to show in specific app without pressing FN?

BTT is really awesome! But how do i get the touchbar to show up in a specific app without pressing FN?

It's all working beautifully BUT I have to press FN to get the custom touchbar to show?
I just want it to be there when I load up my app, now all I get is the function keys, can't turn them off unless I press FN, then my custom stip does show but I don't want to have to press FN.

I've tried every option in BTT and Mac OS but can't work it out, any help much appreciated.

what touchbar option do you have selected in system preferences -> keyboard?
It should be set to show app controls + control strip

I'm having a somewhat similar problem. I have been using BTT for a while now with some custom touchbar buttons for Citrix viewer. However, I have just encountered an issue where now the buttons do not appear automatically when switching to the application. I have to tap the BTT icon on the touchbar to get them to show up. This is pretty inconvenient and I didn't think I changed anything (though I did update citrix). Buttons still work fine, they just don't appear.

I have the setting in keyboard preferences as you mentioned set to app controls + control strip, and other (built in) application specific buttons appear.

Running OS 10.15.7 and BTT 3.502. Thanks much.

Ok. Of course I got it fixed right after posting this. I had to make some adjusments in the modifier based availability of the buttons (set to "show always"). This tool is really endlessly configurable and is probably the only thing that makes the touchbar really valuable in the end (other than the touchID). Kudos!