BTT is not showing up in OS X 10.15.5

I just updated to 10.15.5 from 10.15.3 on 16" MBP (i9, 32 GB ram, 1TB SSD). But the BTT is not working in the sense that the app is active but none of the shortcuts are showing up in touch bar (see pictures below). It was working this morning right before I started the update. Did the update mess things up? Or am I missing something? I have restarted the BTT app. But same result. Any tips? Thank you.



It seems to work fine here with the current BTT version. Which version of BTT are you using?

Maybe your BTT Touch Bar is just hidden? (try to add a keyboard shortcut and assign the "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" action to it.

Thank you Andreas. It was hidden!