Btt ios app, no custom buttons, am i retarded?


Been a heavy used of btt for the touchbar (love it deeply)

Been using Quadro in the past, but since they quit developing, and their legacy app is starting oåto become messy, i thought i'd look into the btt ios app.

It connects great and all, but i cannot get my macros/commands to appear in the app?

Am i doing something wrong, or is the ios app simply just a keyboard/mouse extension for your mac?

It really would appear as if the app can have my custom buttons, as btt itself is fairly advanced, why would the ios app just be able to input mouse/keyboard/brightness upp/down etc?

Johannes Drakenberg

you can configure custom actions in the BTT Remote tab in BetterTouchTool.

Early this summer there will also be a completely new BTT Remote which will let full customizability (flexible layouts etc.)

I tried adding multiple test-objects, but none would appear in the app (tried swiping the custom-keys)

Is there some setting somewhere which enables them?

I understand the "i am retarded" topic would assume that i am, but i work A/V everyday and would consider myself an avid tech-user, it would take a lot from me to write a topic like this, as i normally would have solved it long time ago :joy: (did not write this to be cocky, just to assure you that i really tried checking it all)

I have paid for BTT on the mac, Do i need to pay for the ios app aswell?

I now see, i have to enter into an active app to get the commands, I assumed it would work just like the touchbar (auto from start)

I look forward to the new app, have a look at Quadro, their app was AMAZING, but if you make something similar, your's will be the best no doubt!

Thank you, and keep on rocking!