BTT Icon on touchbar control strip disappears frequently

After putting Mac to sleep, or sometimes after a few hours of using BTT, the icon on the touchbar disappears. This is enabled by going to BTT -> Touchbar -> General Touch Bar Settings -> Show Better Touch Tool Icon In Control Strip. I have to re-enable this after sleep and frequently when using BTT. This also means that my touchbar configuration disappears until I can re-enable the icon in control strip and tap it to show my BTT touchbar config. Sometimes the little X on the left side of the Touchbar is shown, but the Touchbar is blank (apart from control strip which is missing the BTT icon).

I am using BTT on 13" MacBook Pro 2018. I have bought a license. This has happened ever since I started using BTT. I am running MacOS Mohave 10.14.1. BTT is version 2.645.

First of all, try bumping your BTT version to the latest alfa - there were lots of possible fixes applied. Also see this thread for reference: because this issue is tracked there

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This should be fixed in v2.660

I also have the same issue with the latest version. Is there any chance to find out what cause the disappearing of BTT touchbar? The app still running, and the touchbar appeared correctly after restart BetterTouchTool. (from the menü of BTT)