BTT Hyper Key Issue

BTT Hyper Key Issue

Hello, I have been using Karabiner to map my caps lock key to the hyper key. I recently saw BTT added this functionality so uninstalled Karabiner and set up the caps lock key as the hyper key in BTT. The functionality seems to work for shortcuts in BTT, but when I try using with a Keyboard Maestro shortcut I have set up for DEVONthink (hyper key + I) to insert the current date before a file name, the BTT hyper key shortcut either doesn't do anything or triggers a completely different shortcut (hyper key + D) along with moving the DEVONthink screen to my second monitor. That screen movement is another BTT shortcut (hyper key + left arrow) so perhaps BTT is struggling to interpret the hyper key + I for Keyboard Maestro versus other hyper key combinations build into BTT?

I'm struggling to figure out why the hyper key works within BTT but fails or has strange behavior when used in combination with Keyboard Maestro and DEVONthink.

Thanks in advance your help!

Keyboard Maestro is working with similar technologies and on a similiar level as BTT maybe this leads to incompatibility here.

I’d recommend to set up the shortcut in BTT and then trigger KM via some other non-keyboard mechanism (e.g. URL trigger) to execute your macro.

Probably BTT could also do what you need by itself (inserting a date somewhere)

Thank you, @Andreas_Hegenberg! Good idea. I should have thought of using BTT for this specific date insertion shortcut. That will work in this situation.

I do have other KM shortcuts that would be more difficult to transition to BTT. Can you point me to some documentation or instructions about how to set up a URL trigger with KM? I did a an admittedly quick search but wasn't finding anything. I'll keep searching but thought perhaps you (or others) might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks!

It seems like the BTT hyper key is more responsive as Karabiner. In some cases (mainly when multiple Apps are involved and a Keyboard Maestro keyboard shortcode) I also had some non responding Keyboard Maestro macros.
For now my solution is to add a pauze at the beginning of the Keyboard Maestro macro before doing some actions in other apps.... See:

Thank you! That does seem to work better.