BTT giving error 609

I am getting this error message very often:

It says "The connection is not valid. BTT has given an error: Conection is not valid (-609)"

It happens when I restart BTT (sometimes, not always).

It also happens randomly, without doing nothing special from my side.

Macbook Pro 16 M1 Max 32 GB
macos 13.6.4
BTT 4,403

only with the current alpha or has this shown in older versions before? (I have never seen such a message, but could be related to a change in the latest build)

//edit ah sorry, I misread 4.403 as 4.409. In that case I'd say it's not a BTT problem you are seeing because 4.403 is already installed on many machines. When doing a quick Google search I found many posts about error 609 for various apps out there, most suggest a system restart will fix it.

Yes, when I get this error I use to restart the computer, because I need BTT working fine.

Maybe it's not a BTT error, but I only get this error from BTT.

Maybe I should remove some files from BTT? I remember you fixed a problem I had removing files from somewhere in the user library...

I had a closer look. The error mostly seems to appear when a Apple Script doesn't receive a response from the queried application. For example if the other application has crashed / frozen.
Can you think of any Apple Scripts running in BTT? Maybe for Touch Bar or Floating Menus?

I have several applescripts running in BTT.

I will be aware the next time I receive the error if some applescript is running. I will inform you.

Thanks for your help, Andreas.

If it happens again, possibly go to help => export diagnostic debug information in BTT and send the result to me ( I'm not sure, but maybe the logs will contain some useful info.

Well noted

email sent right now

Hi again

I think the problem was related to an applescript that was trying to show/hide a floating menu that was disabled in BTT.

I have changed that configuration, and now it seems that the 609 error is not showed anymore.

Thanks for your help!