BTT Energy Impact Question

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg a quick energy impact question. Both my BTT energy impact and CPU usage is mostly < 1 (excluding occasional spikes, i think, from changing touch bar groups). But my mac still says “ is using Significant Energy”.

Are there any other places to check energy impact besides energy / cpu tabs in activity monitor? I’m using a few shell script widgets, which seem to be very energy efficient, but am wondering if they have any negative side-effects I’m not seeing?

Any suggestions / tips on best practices would be much appreciated!


Hey @andreas_hegenberg I ended up writing a native swift helper app to push updates to BTT via webserver and was able to reduce the 12 hour power to about 2 - 3 with all native widgets / no apple script polling.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to reduce 12 hour power even more? I've noticed that the following actions lead to spikes in energy impact in activity monitor. The spikes happen even on a brand new preset without any keybindings.

  • Pressing any modifier key (even on brand new preset with no key bindings)
  • 3 finger swipe between workspaces
  • Opening touch bar groups

I know in a previous post you mentioned that activity monitor somewhat exaggerates the brief energy spikes. But i’m wondering if it’s still possible to reduce these spikes and hopefully reduce 12 hr power consistently below 1 while using my laptop. (If I’m not using my laptop but still keep it open, btt 12 hr power does fall below 1 so i’m guessing 12 hr power is mostly affected by keyboard / trackpad actions)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!