BTT dummy wants to get BTT Remote working with it

I'm using BTT since early 2021 on my Macbook (now with Ventura Beta) in the most unsophisticated manner. Now I stumbled upon BTT Remote, found it useful re its features, and installed it on my iPhone XS Max with IOS 16 Beta.

I get the attached screen, which makes me helpless. Yes, my Mac's BTT ist licensed, and yes, we're using the same WLAN. And yes, I have rebooted both.

Can somebody help me?

In recent BTT versions you need to explicitly enable this feature in the settings.

(mostly because there will be a new BTT Remote later this year and I'm slowly phasing out the old one)

Thank you for pointing to this. Unfortunately this leads to the next hickup, as you can see from the screenshot. The WLAN is definitively not slow.

any firewall active on your machine maybe?

I was short of writing "No firewall", but then I cautiously looked into System Preferences, and for whatever reason, Firewall was active. Deactivating it did the trick.

Thank you very much!

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In general it's not a bad idea to have a firewall but the macOS built in one is too limited. I do recommend Little Snitch.

I can prove to be a layman by admitting, that I even don't know what a firewall is (outside of the real world) ... :innocent: