BTT doesn't work with Safari 13.0.2

Just upgraded Catalina today (Mac App Store version), the trackpad doesn't work at all with the latest Safari (v13.0.2), tried to use the same gestures in Chrome (v77.0.3865.90) and it works fine. Look forward to fix it ASAP.

**Affected input device: MacBook Trackpad

Device information:

  • Type of Mac:MacBookPro15,2
  • macOS version: Catalina
  • BetterTouchTool version: v3.204

The trackpad doesn't differentiate between applications, if it works in one of them it will work in all of them.

However maybe something in your setup is not supported on Catalina Safari anymore? What gestures do you have configured in BTT?

Thank you for your response. In fact, these two browsers use almost the same gestures, and worked fine before the Safari v13.0.2 upgrade. I looked at the BTT Trackpad configured carefully but didn't fine anything wrong.

Mhh possibly Apple gave the Japanese(?) Safari a new name or identifier on Catalina? Could you try adding Safari again and copying over your gestures? (Just select them all and press cmd+c to copy and cmd+v to paste in the duplicated Safari)

Actually, It's Chinese:grinning: I tried the solution that you said and it seems didn't work. I can deal with Chrome until Apple fix it. Thank you anyway Andreas!

Ah sorry, is this the correct one? (So I can try to reproduce with the correct settings)

Could you maybe send me the debug logs (Main Menu => Help => Export Debug Information) to ?

YES, that's correct.
I tried to copy some of the gesture (e.g. Make the next/previous tab the active tab) from Safari to the global gesture, and it worked! The rest of the gestures, which were not copied to global, still no effect. However, I just emailed you the debug log, hopefully can help, thank you again:)

Very weird, your settings seem to work fine here.
Have you already tried to restart your machine? Maybe Safari is still confused from the upgrade? :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile: For sure, restart Safari and MacBook at least 3 times, It is weird, feels just like Safari's problem, cause didn't change any BTT Settings before updating to v13.0.2.

I get the same problem, all applications works fine but Safari(ver: 13.0.2).
It seems like that BTT can not detect safari. When I open safari, Touch Bar does not show the icons set for safari

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