BTT doesn't do anything after setting up shortcuts


I'm sorry, I know that this post might seem absolutely stupid, but unfortunately I just can't figure it out.
As many others, I just installed BTT to get the windows-like zoom feature with the mouse-wheel.

It was super easy to define the necessary actions.
I set cmd&mouse wheel up as a trigger and the keyboard shortcut cmd&"+" as action.
I did the same for mouse wheel down with "-".

I just used the record feature to set it up and everything looks promising.

The only issue now is, that nothing happens at all, if I use the triggers. I have restarted BTT and even my Mac, but it just doesn't do anything.

I checked if BTT is deactivated but it isn't. Also of course I set the permissions during the installation routine as required.

I'm using a MX Master with the USB Dongle, since it just works much smoother than with bluetooth.

While I was looking for a solution I found this: Help: My mouse's buttons are not recognized ยท GitBook

First of all the regular Logi-Options is not used anymore. I have to use the new Logi-Options+ app.

Also BTT actually perfectly recognized the mousehweel up trigger, so in my opinion it doesn't make any sense to switch to bluetooth or something, since BTT knows "when cmd+mouswheel up trigger cmd++" but it just doesn't actually do the action if I use the trigger.

Ana ideas?

I tried to live without that feature for half a year or so but it's just so much more efficient. Also I'm using my Mac in clam shell mode, so I can't just switch to the track pad, which would be super inefficient in the first place...


Of course I have tried using bluetooth instead of the dongle, but unfortunately it doesn't do anything. Also the Options+ app doesn't have anything like the stuff that is mentioned in the GitBook post.