BTT does not start up, or run at all on Monterey 12.6.7

BTT neither starts on startup or login, nor does it start when I select "restrartBetterTouchTool from its icon on the taskbar.
21 inch iMac late 2016
Monterey 12.6.7

BTT 4.173 (2391)
Dropdown warning below

Mac specs

No idea when it stopped working but upgraded OS a few days ago.
It's also deleted all my shortcuts

Any suggestions?

What happens if you click the "Enable BTT for ..." item? Can you enable BTT?

Thank you, that works.
When I posted two days ago the application reported itself as being up to date and the "Enable BTT" dialogue demanded I nominate any application I wanted it to work with.. Yesterday it demanded to be updated repeatedly, though the final update it offered does not advance the four digit version subcode to what the update reports itself to be. With different options for "Enable BTT" it seems to work. What a Difference A Day Makes!

Now I just have to redefine the lost gestures.

Possibly try to restore them from an automatic backup: