BTT cuts battery life in half on 2018 15" MBP running 15.1

Battery life drops from 8 hours to 4 hours with BTT running. No presets installed. Let me know if there's any files I can send you. Currently have BTT uninstalled since the hit to battery life is too great.

This pretty much depends on what kind of scripts and actions you are using in BTT. In general try to reduce refresh rates for apple script widgets and the like.

If you have the experimental dropbox sync enabled, try to disable that for now, there seem to be some issues with that.

For sure. I've been using BTT and Golden Chaos since 2017 and I just noticed a huge drop in battery life this past week and Activity Monitor is blaming BTT, so first I looked around in GC, which has an apple script to look for updates run every 5 seconds, I disabled that, then I just uninstalled BTT and GC and reinstalled it and ran BTT stock with no scripts and I was still getting the battery drain. I don't use dropbox sync. Is there any sort of indexing that BTT does after a new install that perhaps I give it a day or two to settle? I also don't use the window snapping because I have yabai running as my window manager and skhd as my shortcut manager. Here's a link: Do you think it could be interfering now even though it hasn't been an issue for the past year?

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