BTT Custom widgets

Having the option to customize widgets with custom data sources (Webhook called every X amount of hours/minutes, API, DB, local or cloud text/image file,...)


Could be Icon + Text

Could be just text

Or include an image + the text

A graph option maybe?...

It could also act as a button to trigger a set of actions.

There's a lot of room for customization especially if the widgets became interactive with the next OS release, I could have multiple buttons per widget that display some information with real-time updates,...

I could see this having a million use cases, which complements the already amazing BTT!

The next non-alpha BTT release will finally come with the "floating menu feature". These can contain all sort of widgets and can be placed anywhere on your screen. However they will not integrated into the notification center.

Currently implementing optional auto-hiding for these:

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This looks really good. Don't you think it might make sense to publish an alpha version now? 1000 eyes see more than two ... maybe :innocent:

Currently 1000 eye would still see too much :slight_smile: But it is really really close to releasable alpha state now.


Thanks Andreas!

Having them in the Notification center will be a game-changer! They'll be accessible everywhere. As for the other option, you have to be on the desktop to interact with them.

I can't wait to try it!