BTT crashes when using Key Up shortcut

Describe the bug
I want to assign default behaviour (F1, F2...) to function buttons on short press, and media keys on long press. Long press works ok, but short press with key up setting crashes BTT every time I press the button.


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro M1
  • macOS version: 12.4
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.816

to what trigger/shortcut did you assign this? Can you post the full screenshot?

I've tried different function keys, but all of them make it crash. Basically, what I want to do is to reassign the same function key to only work on key up only.

What you are doing seems recursive to me.

yes that’s why I was asking for the full screenshot (including the left trigger column).
To me it also sounds like you use e.g. F12 to trigger F12, which triggers F12, which triggers F12…. (a million times per second, overloading BTT).

If this is a valid use case you can check the "Prevent recursive triggers" option on the triggering shortcut itself:

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Alright, now I understand. For some reason, I thought these physical and virtual click events are somehow different.

Looks like Prevent recursive triggers fixes this exactly as I need, thanks a lot!

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