BTT crashes when trying to change GoldenChaos settings

I have a problem that's been going on for a few weeks now. For a long time I've been using GoldenChaos preset for my 2020 MacBook Pro with Intel I5 and it worked flawlessly. Than one day it started crashing every time after I wanted to adjust GoldenChaos preferences. Before writing this post I reset BTT to factory setting bty deleting files in /Library as I found in other post here about resetting to factory. I updated BTT to latest alpha version 3.816 and GoldenChaos to 3.563 but the problem still occurs. My Mac runs on Monterey I have no more ideas what to do.
I wanted to ad crash log but ".ips" files are shown as not suported.

I'd be grateful for any help cause I struggle to live without it working,

Thank You in advance,

sorry, ips should be allowed again now, alternatively send to

I still wasn't able to attach it so I emailed it. Thanks!

Any good or bad news?

It has been quite some time now and even after updates problem is stil ongoing. Can I count for any help?