BTT crashes when custom context menu has an AppleScript widget.

BTT crashes when the custom context menu has an AppleScript widget.

I've been trying to make a custom context menu with dynamic buttons (shuffle). In theory, when shuffle is enabled, it should say 'on', and when it's off it should say 'off'. I have the script all working and stuff, but when I copy the button UUID and put it in the custom context menu, then click it, BTT crashes.

I don't know if dynamic buttons in the custom context menu are possible, but it would open a world of possibilities if it were. It would allow Apple-style drop downs, which is basically what I was trying to do.

could you post your script / setup? I’m not sure if I fully understand.

Basically, the menu bar item called 'Now playing good' is the 'Play Media' button on my menu bar. when I click it, it shows a custom context menu, which shows the 'Shuffle' button. The UUID you see is linked to this button:

Because this button is an Applescript widget, it crashes BTT.

ah sorry, this can not work. The touchbar buttons/widget are completely separate and can not be used in other views.

It’s an interesting idea though, I’ll think about adding scriptable buttons

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that would be good. also maybe groups in the menu bar, like Touch Bar groups? just thoughts