BTT Configuration Window Opens Randomly

BTT Configuration window opens randomly on my Mac. It has happened many times.
I'm wondering if there is anything in the settings somewhere that could potentially cause it to open?


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Thanks! I did not know this happened to many and a solution has been provided.
I've run the command in the terminal. Hope it gets fixed!

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After the configuration, BTT does not pop up randomly anymore.

However, occasionally, an active window may lose focus. I'm wondering if this is when BTT was prevented from popping up randomly?

I am not sure about your particular case but that sometimes happens when triggers are invoked, especially when that involves UI and HTML views.

It happens when my hand is off the keyboard and trackpad. To my awareness, I have not set anything to trigger periodically. Sometimes, Microsoft Word randomly pops up the save as window (could be another window, can't remember exactly).
I have no clue about what's going on...

It there a way to find out what could be running?