BTT compatibility with SteerMouse driver?

I would like to use a Microsoft Precision Mouse with my Mac. For the lack of a Utility like Logitech Options I have installed SteerMouse as a third party solution.

There is one Button on the Mouse which is not recognized by the System or BTT without SteerMouse. With SteerMouse I can configure it as a 6th mouse button and it is recognized by BTT as "Button 5". But when I assign an action to that button, it does not work.
Pressing it always only activates the scrolling function in the active window.

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Also interesting, I have Mx Master 3
I tried to revert the configuration: so I've assigned a Keyboard shortcut in SteerMouse, and then assign the same shortcut to the action in BTT, but without luck.
It will be a great combo and will cover all needs.

Just ran into trouble trying to get these two to play nice as well.

I have an MX Master 3 and Steer Mouse allows for chords using gesture button + other mouse button. I was trying to have Steer Mouse trigger a key sequence and BTT do the heavy lifting off of that. Sadly no dice.

A work around that seems to be viable is Steer Mouse "Open" action -> bash file using curl -> btt webserver. Going this route with a named trigger allows me to do what I want. Maybe that helps someone else as well.

Could you please show an example? For example I have a keyboard shortcut for Maximize Window Left (CMD+OPT+Left Arrow). How to create a bash file for this?

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