BTT changes MacBook haptic feedback on 4 finger click, any way to disable?

I'm back on Mac after many years and glad to see BTT is going strong (even if my old license needed to be upgraded)!

One of my favourite BTT gestures back when the trackpads actually moved was four-finger-click to quit. I set this up in the current BTT but found that when I activated it, the resulting click was more muted than the other haptic clicks on the laptop.

I see you can customize the haptics to some degree but I can't figure out if there's some way to tell BTT to "use macOS haptics only" so that my four-finger-click feels just the same as my one finger click, 2 finger click etc. Does anyone have any ideas?

It's great to be back and congrats to the BTT team on contributing such an invaluable project to the Mac community! :smile: