BTT break the Sleep mode of MBP [if Thunderbolt Dock connected]

When I buy Thunderbolt 3 Dock - Caldigit TS3+, I have a real problem. After I close shell of MBP or press from menu Sleep, in few seconds after going to sleep all devices is waked UP. And if you close shell, devices connects in the loop - going to sleep, waked up, sleep (in 1 minute), waked up.... etc

I reset with CalDigit support all situations - check all my connected device as one device per connection to this Dock. And find that if I connect only this dock, without any devices connected to it (and mbp too) - also not sleep.
I already unchecking in MacOS prefecnces Bluetooth Wakeup, Network wakeup and its not help.

Real problem now - only in BTT. If I quit from BTT, connect only dock (or dock with another connected to it devices) - all work nice!

In another words, BTT really break sleep mode of MBP with connected Thunderbolt 3 Docks. Without dock - BTT and MBP work fine in sleep mode.

Support of Caldigit Dock TS3+ - can't help and recommend not use this app. But really, may be you try to find, why BTT wake up system with connected TB dock?

ps: if set BTT to disabled - no changes