BTT and Keyboard Maestro Triggers Conflict

I've noticed that Keyboard Maestro and BTT seem to generally work concurrently. However, if BTT is running I'm unable to use some of the Keyboard Maestro complex keyboard triggers, e.g., XXX is long pressed.

@Andreas_Hegenberg: Short of quitting BTT, is there anything I can do to prevent this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Note: I'm using Sonoma 14.5 (23F79)/MacBookPro18,2 with Keyboard Maestro 11.0.3 and BTT 4.460.

unfortunately I don't know, I can't think of any reason why the KM long press would stop working but I don't know how KM handles these..

You could probably configure the long press in BTT instead.

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I do know that the Keyboard Maestro developer @peternlewis has a strict policy to only use public API's, thus I suspect that he's using something rather straightforward.

This BTT/Keyboard Maestro conflict is a big drawback. Would you consider adding settings that would allow users to disable one or more devices, e.g., keyboard, trackpad?

I'd rather not entirely disable BTT.

this is not related to private / public APIs. BTT also only uses simple public API for keyboard handling. However these public APIs can be problematic (and not very straightforward ) if two apps use them.

Unfortunately this is also not something that can be disabled, it most likely is an issue with event taps. These are needed across devices.

Problem is, this is most likely an issue in KM, that I can not influence directly within BTT. But to know for sure I‘d need to know how long press is handled there :-/ I could e.g. imagine a event tap gets disabled by the system and is not being reenabled

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To be honest, it has always been like this. If the same shortcut is set up in BTT and KM, then it is triggered with BTT. This applies to all triggers. If something is to be executed with KM, the trigger must be deactivated in BTT.

Why is this a problem? Why should you have the same shortcut in KM and BTT? (I do it this way, but for a specific reason, for my own benefit)

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Hi, @Andreas_Hegenberg. I have an interesting follow-up.

@Frank1 asked...

I didn't think I had configured any with the same keyboard shortcuts (in BTT and Keyboard Maestro), but his question prompted me to double-check. When I went into the BTT configuration (which I do infrequently), I found the following:

  1. I didn’t have any BTT Keyboard Shortcuts enabled but I did have a few disabled for the Finder. None, however, were overlapping with any of my Keyboard Maestro hot key triggers.

  2. In the BTT configuration there were two Finder groups and one for Keyboard Maestro. The first screenshot below is after I deleted the Keyboard Maestro entry and one of the Finder entries, specifically the one that included the disabled items.

  3. I restarted BTT and then tried the aforementioned complex triggers in Keyboard Maestro (e.g., a long press). Interestingly they started to function as expected. Note that I'm quite sure they were not working prior to these changes to BTT.

After this change, I wanted to try to restore the problematic BTT configuration so that I could send you more troubleshooting information.

Unfortunately during the restore I received a migration error (I think that is how the error was described; sorry again I failed to capture a screenshot when it first occurred :upside_down_face:), however, it seems that the restore partially occurred. Note in the screenshot below, the second Finder and Keyboard Maestro entries appear, but unfortunately the disabled items in that Finder group did not get restored. However, even though the full restore did not occur, the aforementioned Keyboard Maestro triggers are again not functioning.

I will keep my system in this hampered state in the event you want me to provide more information.

After partial restore...

ah good find!
Would be great if you could go to Help -> Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to me! (

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Done. Thanks for investigating!