BST Won't open from Appstore

I used to use BST, and at some point it stopped working (I think when I updated software). I'm trying to set it up again, but when I click "Open" on Bettersnaptool in the Mac Appstore, nothing happens. When I search for the app on my computer it appears, but then does not open if I click on it from the list.

I saw where someone mentioned security settings, so I poked around a little, and the only list BST appeared on was "accessibility", and it was checked as allowed. So, it appears that the app is installed, but I just can't get to it.

Any ideas? Thank you!


you will need to delete it from the list in Accessibility (using the minus button). Afterwards it will ask for reauthentication and then it will work. (Unfortunately it's a bug in macOS)

Perfect! That worked. Thanks so much!