BST doesn't automatically start when MacOS starts

I have BetterSnapTool 1.9 and in preferences I have the option to start automatically when MacOS is started option turned on. When I restart Mojave 10.14.5 the BST tool doesn't start. I have to start it manually always. What could be the issue? If there is something preventing it then it would be nice if there was somewhere in the BST UI to easily look for an error from a logfile that might help me...

hey, if the option doesn't work, try to go to System Preferences -> users & groups -> login items. Then delete Bettersnaptool from that list. Afterwards go back to the Bettersnaptool preferences and toggle the launch on startup option off and back on.

Sometimes the system gets confused :wink:

I guess BST got confused??? I went to login items and BST was not listed there. :wink:

I then went into BST and did what you suggested and toggled the launch on startup option off then on and now i see it in login items!

thanks for the pointer in the right direction!!!