Broken blog post: "fancy action menu" floating webview

I wanted to try setting up the fancy action menu floating webview menu listed in Floating WebView/ Floating HTML Menu · GitBook

The link for the tutorial blog post is: - Great Tools for your Mac!

Unfortunately, all the images in the blog post are dead. And worse, the link to download the bttpresetzip is also 404.

It would be great if this blog post could be fixed, as I wanted to try a floating menu from BTT. Or at least if I could have a working link to the bttpresetzip.


Any chance of getting that bttpresetzip file for the "fancy action menu"?

Some of the files seem to have been lost during a server migration. I'll update the post as soon as possible.

The attached file should be the preset file.
FloatingHTMLTutorial.bttpreset (27.0 KB)

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Thanks very much Andreas.

I imported the bttpreset, but I'm a bit confused about how the floating webview is configured. When I import the preset I get a Trackpad and Keyboard action with a working webview, however all the config fields are blank, and there's no HTML files on disk. I don't understand where the HTML is actually stored, and I can't view or edit it.

I've never imported a preset before, or used a floating webview, so maybe I'm misunderstanding some concept, but it seems really weird that I can't see any config for the webview. It's like it's been written in some inaccessible, hidden place in BTT.

I made a 5 minute video showing the issues I've been having:

In summary:

  • When importing the profile, it appears to work - I can trigger the menu and I can see it
  • However, in the "Show Floating Webview" action, there is no config at all. The HTML/Content tab is empty, and there's no HTML files on disk in the ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool location.
  • If I try and change anything in the action config - eg pasting in my Shared Secret into the Advanced tab - the action breaks. Its title in the gesture view changes from "Tutorial Menu" to "Null", and after that it never triggers. I imagine this is because I've overwritten the hidden config and HTML with a blank version.
  • Every time I restart BTT and re-trigger the menu, BTT asks again for my Shared Secret. I enter it, choose "Save", and it won't prompt again, but only until I restart BTT. As soon as BTT is restarted, it prompts me again. This might be a side effect of the fact that there's no action config for the Floating Webview action. And I can't enter and save the Shared Secret under the Advanced tab, because as mentioned saving anything in those tabs wipes the HTML and stops the action working completely.

Here's screenshots of what I see for the Floating Webview actions; all fields are blank:

Weird, I need to look into that. Most likely the old preset has some sort of incompatibility with the current BTT as the webview actions have changed a lot since then.

I'll update the blog post sometime this week and make sure to include a preset that's compatible with the latest BTT.


Thanks very much!

Hi Andreas – some of the images are missing from the blog post. Trying to get my floating menu palette
working again >> something appeared to break it recently. Just want to check if this might only be on my side?