Bring up the Stage Manager strip on the left as an action


With Stage Manager enabled in Ventura, I often have windows sized to take the entire screen. In this mode, when one moves mouse to the left edge of the screen, a 'strip' of windows come up.

I would like to map a Ctrl+Mouse Button 5 to bring up this strip of windows, so I don't have to constantly have to move my mouse to the left edge of the screen. I could make this work by moving the mouse to a specific position, but this only works on one of the monitors when I have multiple monitors connected.

I think this would be useful built-in functionality (with support for multiple monitors) so that a keyboard or mouse shortcut can bring up this strip of windows quickly.


You can do that using the "move mouse to position" action.

Select "relative to top left corner of screen with mouse", then set x to 0 and y to something bigger than 0.

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This is great! I didn't notice the anchor point before!

I also recommend the new "Activate Stage by Position" action (requires latest alpha). I have it assigned to cmd+1-6 to activate any of the stages by keypress.

(but I just implemented it today and it's not yet well tested with multi monitor setups - will do tomorrow when in office)

That's a great feature, I really like current Cycle Through forward or backward action.

I am also heavily using snapping left/right half, thirds, 2/3, corners.
Consider that app already includes a setting to consider a gap on the left while snapping is it possible to do that per action instead of for the whole setup.

I don't always want to consider a gap and want to maximize the window to the full extent but on another space I would like to maximize a window considering a gap.

I know that I can create custom snap areas but maybe it could be simpler to do by setting the gap per action.

Right now I am using Raycast to do same snapping without a gap but would like to have everything in BTT.

The custom move and resize action allows you to create resize actions that do not leave a gap. E.g. to maximize:

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