Brightness slider widget doesn't match actual screen brightness

Description: brightness slider widget defaults to 'middle' setting regardless of current brightness. E.g., screen brightness can be increased by dragging knob to the right; after a few seconds, knob returns to centre; brightness remains high; knob position does not match brightness.

Input device: Touch Bar

Device: M1 MBP, Big Sur 12.2.3, BTT 3.560

I also have this exact problem.

Input device: Touch Bar

Device: M1 MBP, Big Sur 12.2.3, BTT 3.560

Same here with M1 MBP Big Sur 11.2.3, BTT 3.561(1701)

I have this problem too.
M1 MBP Big Sur 11.2.3
BTT 3.561(1701)

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That is surprising this error is still not fixed after more than a year now and after multitude of updates. Incredible !!

that bug has been fixed a year ago, if you still encounter something similar with current versions, it’s a different issue.

Wow, I did not know that. Thanks for informing that. So how can I fix it then cause in my Mac M1 the error still exists ?

which version of BTT are you running?

I just updated the newest version 3.843 (1990). And the error still occurs.

Are you using the standard brightness slider widget? Or some preset?

I used the standard built-in one: Touch Bar Widgets > Brightness Slider Widget.

Can confirm I’m still having the same issue, running latest BTT.

Ah there has indeed be another change which is causing this again. Fixed in version 3.844, will be available on the alpha channel in 5 minutes ("check for alpha version updates").

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Wow! Thank you very much! You're the best!!