Brightness setting with BTT for an external monitor is broken

Describe the bug
I wanted to adjust the brightness for an external monitor. Therefore I installed MonitorControl.

When I found out that BTT can also set the brightness of an external monitor,
I uninstalled MonitorControl, unfortunately I can't set the brightness of the external monitor with BTT alone now.

I can only adjust the brightness with BTT if MonitorControl is also installed.

Another bug: with MonitorControl, the buttons on the Touch Bar are swapped for the internal and external monitor with BTT.

What steps do I need to take to set the brightness for the external monitor with BTT only?

Affected input device (e.g. MacBook Trackpad, Magic Mouse/Trackpad, Touch Bar, etc.):
Touch Bar


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro (15, 2019, 555X)
  • macOS version: 11.2.3
  • Monitor: 34WK95U-W
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.560 (1700)
  • MonitorControl: 2.1.0 (Build 721)

BTT can only work with monitors that support the standard macOS brightness control. Many do not.

MonitorControl works on a lower level and talks directly to the display, thus this will still be needed for display that do not support the macOS brightness control.

That was really very fast.
Thank you for this information!