Brightness control DDC

It could be very nice to have a simple shortcut to control external monitors via DDC like Lunar or MonitorControl.

What do you think?

implementing DCC is way too much work for me, tools like Monitor Control or BetterDisplay are really complex and do their job very well. I don't see a reason to spend (a lot of) time on this, sorry!

Maybe a better feature request would be to ask the devs of MonitorControl to allow changing the values via Apple Script or command line, so they could easily be triggered from BTT or other apps


did you check this one

sending and receiving data to monitor would be useful. for setting monitor brightness and volume and many other options

it can be work like this

send DDC action > monitor index (or option to send all) + DDC code + value

receive DDC action > monitor index + DDC code

if BTT support DDC with this 2 actions. other parts can be solve with javascript or applescript

its much easier sending data to monitor on windows. i wrote a script that uses C# on powershell. ofc it all different on macos