Bought BetterSnapTool via App Store on Mac, how to get licence to register BetterTouchTool for free?


I bought the bettersnaptools app via App Store (Mac M1) a few weeks ago, and saw that i can get the bettertouchtool app for free, if i have the license for bettersnaptools.

Does anyone know how i can get my hands on the licence to register it? Buying stuff via App store didnt get me any kind of license key.

PS: ive emailed the developer 2 weeks ago, but havent got any reply.

This is not really official but indeed purchasing BetterSnapTool currently allows new BetterTouchTool users to generate a 2 year license.

If you start BetterTouchTool you'll be able to generate the license in the "trial info screen" that pops up :slight_smile:

Yes thats were i found this. The only problem is that when i fill out my information im getting the following error:

Possibly your BetterSnapTool download didn't contain the necessary receipt information - this has happened in rare cases (I'm not sure why). Deleting BetterSnapTool and re-downloading it from the Mac App Store should resolve this.