Bluetooth turned off after sleep

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I've been trying to trace down a problem that cropped up about June. Starting about then, when my MacBook wakes from sleep, Bluetooth will be unresponsive. Clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the dock shows normal status, but if I open the Bluetooth control panel, that shows the service as off. Turning it back on re-activates my Bluetooth devices. This is especially annoying because it prevents my Apple Watch from automatically signing into the system.

I've been carefully turning things off and on since June to see what combination of things causes the problem. It's tedious because it doesn't happen immediately. Sometimes it can be a day or two before it reoccurs. I'm fairly well convinced now, though, that BTT is necessary for it to happen. When it does happen, it seems to require an SMC reset to completely clear the condition, though I haven't had enough trials to say that for sure.

I just went three weeks without BTT installed, and the problem never happened. The day after I re-installed it, however (the current alpha version), the problem is back. I'm not running many other software extensions, and none that should involve Bluetooth.

Does BTT do anything with Bluetooth during sleep or during wake? Are there any tests I can do to try to pin this down some more?

I'd really like to have both BTT and Bluetooth, so I hope you have solution!

BTT itself doesn’t interact with bluetooth, but maybe you have some preset installed in BTT that does something with bluetooth?

It could also be some weird interaction with some other app, but I have not heard of any such thing yet :man_shrugging: