Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard FN Keys using BTT

I can't quite grok the UI and figure out how to tell BTT (version 2.717) how to change my Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard's FN keys from media control buttons into proper F1, F2 etc.

What I want is the ability to flip their default behavior so that pressing the <fn>+<f11> key combo gives me <f11>, and not <volume up>.

I see how to choose the proper action, but picking the shortcut doesn't seem to register then I press the <f11> key w/o first pressing the <fn> key.

AFAIK Logitech keyboards handle this internally and it's not possible to override this - maybe the logitech software can do it.

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Ooh. I hadn't considered that, and in fact never installed the software. Thanks; I'll give it a shot!

The VERY first option I spotted in their software after installing it was "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" -- you nailed it. Thank you so much, Andreas :slight_smile:

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