Bluetooth Connection Trigger Not Working macOS Big Sur & BTT v3.570 1711

Updated to Big Sur and using most current BTT version. Keyboard 'Connect Bluetooth Device' trigger not working. Worked fine in Catalina. Any recommendations for what's happening, why, or how to fix?

Try repeating the action twice. This is what works for me for some reason

Thanks man - do you mean hit the keyboard shortcut twice? Cause I def do that:). The trigger just isn't doing anything. I thought maybe it's a thing with Big Sur where some actions do work anymore or something like that.

I have a keyboard shortcut set for connecting a specific set of Bluetooth headphones. So I have to press that key combo for the shortcut twice in a row usually to get it to work. And even then sometimes it’s iffy but usually works.

Thanks again - yeah, it was rock solid in Catalina and earlier releases but as soon as I moved to BigSur it just no longer works at all for me. I press that keyboard shortcut 10+ times:). I've double added the BTT action, I've deleted and re-entered the action, changed the keyboard shortcut to the action, etc etc. All good, I was just hoping someone knew what was happening. Thanks!

Just an update: I'm not using BTT on MacOS Monterey 12.3 and the keyboard shortcut to connect the Bluetooth Airpods seems to work instantly! Not sure what changed but I am on my new M1 MacBook.

I won't attribute it entirely to the new MacBook since I recall that I had the same issue on the new machine for a few days after which it resolved. Not sure the exact reason.

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