Black Friday 2022

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,

Thank you for the awesome BetterTouchTool.

I would to ask if you have a plan for this year's Black Friday discount.

I've seen posts about previous year's Black Friday but haven't been able to find one for this year.

Hi I am using v.3.930 (2094), now I see a coupon for an update to 3.952.
How do I know if I need to pay for the update, other than clicking the update?
How do I confirm whether or not I have the lifetime license or not?

you can see your license life time in the about screen of BTT (but if the update shows your license is still valid)

@Andreas_Hegenberg Do you have any thoughts on a discount for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday?

You are a week too late, Black Friday was last Friday. Currently there are no promotions.

Well, okay. I created this thread and asked you 11 days ago. I also emailed you before that.
Understood that 2022 doesn't have promotions.

Guys are you going to have promotions for new year, Christmas etc?

sorry, I usually only do one Black Friday sale per year, currently there are no other promotions planned

Sorry for asking but just to clarify - no way to get any coupon or something like that? I wanted to buy a lifetime.

no, currently there are no promotions running. For the future: all public promotions are announced on, but the last 10 years there has only be one Black Friday promotion per year, and I don’t think this will change. Promotions are always annoying because some people will miss them, that’s why I don’t like them and instead try to have a fair pricing for BTT. Other’s just have a higher default price and then do regular promotions, but I don’t like that concept.

Closing here as I don’t think there is anything to add.