Bind buttons and an dedicate audio player widget

Recently I was working on a Touch bar preset based on my own experience. After almost a week, here's what it looks like:

Here's the icon I used on other website:

I also customized both buttons from Touch-Bar-iStats and original vas3k preset:

Here's what I think my presets can improve on:
1). Can possible to bind two buttons together when they have 0px spacing (or an option), for example, like the one found in default:

2).I think the audio option could made to be more powerful if it can be used to interact, so why not implement an actual audio player widget.
I'd imagine it behaves similar to the play button you found on EarPods, which single-tap will pause/continue, double-tap and triple-tap to navigate between songs/playlists. Users can also drag inside the player left or right to adjust the timeline.