Big improvement: Trackpad "modifier"

That seems to work really well. Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg. I'll have to play around with it some more. Soooo many different settings I can try. :smiley:

I set up these two actions

and let's say this is the trackpad :joy:

Left thumb (on trackpad) + i executes ⌥⌘+i. This works perfectly. The recognition of the left thumb in field A is great.

My problem is the second action "i" = "i". When the palm of the right hand touches field B the letter is not typed. So I would need a setting: whether there is a thumb or not in field B, always type "i". Or how can I solve this? Thanks!

This condition should work fine:

fingers_touching_trackpad == 0 OR (thumb_x_percent > 20 AND fingers_touching_trackpad >= 0)

Mh, Is this the setting for the second action?

yes for the "i" = "i".

Auf Deutsch: Ausführen wenn entweder 0 Finger ODER (größer gleich 0 Finger aber dann muss der Daumen mindestens 20% von der linken Seite weg sein).

Ah sorry, das sollte es auch tun:

thumb_recognized == 0 OR thumb_x_percent > 20

Habe es genau so gemacht.
Komisch, beim Ausführen der ersten Aktion zeigt mir BTT eine Konfliktmenü:

shortcut i
shortcut ⌘⌥+i

Ja sorry, Denkfehler.

Das hier ist einfacher und sollte funktionieren (die 20 ggf. noch etwas erhöhen):
thumb_recognized == 0 OR thumb_x_percent > 20

Grossartig, Andreas! Das scheint perfekt zu funktionieren :slight_smile: Diese Art von Logik ist für mich eher schwierig. Vielen Dank!

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Beide Aktionen mit 30 scheint optimal.

Wenn du gerade mal nichts zu tun hast :joy: dann wäre eine Vorlagen-Sammlung für solche Einstellungen eine feine Sache :smiley:

I have set up this key sequence with advanced conditions

  • Thumb on trackpad, left side + spacebar = action 1
  • Thumb on trackpad, middle + spacebar = action 2
  • Thumb on trackpad, right side + spacebar = action 3

works perfectly :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But only as key sequence, unfortunately not as shortcut. Is this supposed to be like this? As a shortcut would be better, because no undo of the spacebar would be necessary.

What happens when you try it as a shortcut?

nothing, no action is executed

I just remembered ... does "shortcuts" need a "counteraction"? Space = Space?

If you want to keep your space key, yes - however it should still trigger actions if their conditions are fulfilled. If you don't have space = space it just would output your space key anymore

Ok, I have already deleted the actions. I'll try again in the afternoon and get back to you. For now, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, I set up a sample action for shortcuts where nothing happens. The settings are exactly the same as for key sequences, where it works.

In "advanced conditions" I see "true" when I put the thumb in the right place. Maybe I am doing something wrong :man_shrugging:

Is the condition correct? You want it to trigger if the thumb is on the right side?

yes, there die indication ist "true".

Are you maybe accidentally also touching the trackpad on the left side when hitting the space key? (It seems to work as expected here, but honestly I wouldn't use both sides at the same time, I think this will always lead to accidental touches)

I now hold my left hand behind my head and have only the right hand one in the right place on the trackpad :joy:: unfortunately no action. Perhaps as a note: the cursor behaves normally, it shouldn't, if there is no counter action on (space = space), right?

And "accidental touches" with key sequences it works fine. Then I do it like this. No problem for me. But does it work with you?