BetterTouchTool with Stream Deck device problem

Hi all,
Asking help because Im in a foolish moment...
A couple of years ago I bought a Stream Deck, a little thing with 15 programmable keys, and able to change configuration depending on the frontmost application.

It can trigger directly the app shortcuts, but what a did in a long night was to configurate a long list of finder actions using it along with bettertouch, things like move window half left, move it top half quarter and much more... a nice and helpful couple together!

All the actions are triggered by the stream Deck with shortcuts like shift-cmd-ctrl-option 1, and are named triggers on bettertouch side.

Now I would like to add a couple more, but I CAN'T REMEMBER HOW I DID IT!!!!
I mean, I can't find a way to associate a shortcut to a named trigger in bettertouch, and I don't see them in the Shortcut section of bettertouch, so now I don't know how the hell I did associate the Stream Deck shortuct to a Bettertouch action.

This is like an "It's possible to..." question, but with the difference that for sure I did it and it is still working!!!

Thanks for your help...