BetterTouchTool Trial does not work =(

I've just downloaded the 45-days trial version of the BetterTouchTool to make sure it would work with my Razer Mouse prior buying the license, however, I was surprised to face a warning when launching the app. The message states:

"This version of BetterTouchTool is no longer supported. Gestures etc. will no longer work".

Apparently this is some kind of bug pesking new users since 2019! SINCE 2019! No matter how many updates. Not really inspiring confidence in the product when the first interaction you have is being completely blocked out. How can a issue persist for so long? How to proceed now?

Hardware: MacBook Pro 14-Inch M3
OS: Sonoma 14.2.1

ah sorry, this is not a bug since 2019, just a bug in the latest trial build :wink:

Will be fixed in an hour

//edit, trial should be working again with v4.385