BetterTouchTool taking up to 11,5% cpu...seems excessive?

I was hoping that you could perhaps assist me with the attached Activity Monitor sample.
When working with ScreenFlow (a video editing software where BetterTouchTool is a huge help for me), the selection of clips is extremely sluggish. At first I thought this is because of ScreenFlow itself, but I noticed that as soon as I quit BTT, everything runs buttery smooth and perfect. Then I noticed that BTT spikes in CPU usage with up to 11,5% (!) when I make a range selection holding left click...that seems very excessive to me?

Is there anything I could do to improve the situation, aside from disabling BTT for this app all together? I would be so glad if you could help me out.

Sample of (28.6 KB)

I don't know ScreenFloat, but try to disable window snapping for that app - some apps don't support the necessary API's correctly.

Example on how to do that (replace Finder with Screen Flow)