Bettertouchtool is not handling keys from external numpad correctly

When trying to set a keyboard shortcut from an external numpad, using the 3 key, bettertouchtool makes the default system sound and I do not get a 3 in the "click here to record a shortcut" field, instead I'm getting a crossed over square and in the trigger list on the left, the shortcut as listed as FN + crossed over square.

In the keyboard shortcut, my only action is "Send hotkey to other app" with the shortcut "C" and I'm setting target app to textedit as an example. When activating the shortcut, I do not just get a C in textedit, I get a C3.

If I use the return key on the numpad instead as triggering shortcut, it displays and works as intended. Same thing with * and /, most keys that ARE NOT number keys.

If I try setting the keyboard shortcut to numpad 3 using my main mac keyboard, the shortcut can still be activated by the external numpad, I only get "c" now rather than "c3" in textedit, but there is still a system default sound playing every time I trigge rit. Some key still gets sent somewhere incorrectly. If the current app when triggering the shortcut is for example Stickies, or any app with a textedit focused, I get no sound, if the app is something that will not take text input, I get the sound.

What's going on here?