bettertouchtool is currently disabled 3.600(1746)

我在昨天更新了macos Monterey12.0.1.然后我的BTT就不工作了,我买了2年的许可证,但是依旧显示bettertouchtool is currently disabled(see blew).

我重启过了 也检查更新了是最新版本。不知道是什么原因,这让我很难过

I updated macos Monterey 12.0.1 yesterday. Then my BTT doesn't work. I bought a 2 year license, but it still shows bettertouchtool is currently disabled (see blew).

I have restarted and checked that the update is the latest version. I don’t know why, it makes me sad


I have successfully registered with the license. But he still showed me to update. After I updated, it still can’t be used.

the licenses you have been using were pirated ones. BetterTouchTool can only be purchased via - Great Tools for your Mac!

I got this license in this is pirated?

That is a valid license (but it was only purchased yesterday). If you have activated it, click in the menu on the play/enable button