BetterTouchTool is always hidden after waking from a sleep of more than a few minutes

+1 to this thread too. The same problem has been for many versions and continues on 3.209.

I don't have this problem on my new 16" MBP. Perhaps try selecting settings>User Interface>Show Menubar icon.

@Andreas_Hegenberg any updates? still happening very annoying

I've experienced the same thing and sometimes the BTT touch bar icon in the standard default strip disappears completely and other times there's a space for it but no icon.

Are you using GoldenChaos? This happens to me too on a 15" 2019 macbook pro after waking from sleep.

No I am not.

Any further updates on this?

The bug was (supposedly) fixed in one of the more recent alphas! I haven’t had this happen to me since then. Try updating :smile:

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This is still happening to me. I'm on version 3.220 (1397).

Every time my laptop wakes from sleep, BTT is hidden.

Moved this to bug reports. @Andreas_Hegenberg any additional insight into this issue? It hasn't been happening to me specifically but seems to still be an issue for people generally.

One thing to try is enabling/disabling "restart after sleep"

I'm experimenting with hacky ways to actually detect the BTT Touch Bar (e.g. by placing 2 almost invisible pixels at specific positions, then screenshotting the bar...)

I've done that many times, I've also changed the time to 1s and it seems to have much better luck (90%) at 1s then automatic.

@Andreas_Hegenberg Any updates on this?

Nope not currently! Possibly try the latest alpha, there have been some changes that may or may not help. Unfortunately the issue is not reproducible on any of my machines ;-(

I've caused the problem to happen this way: opening the computer after sleep, if I quickly start messing around with the touchbar before BTT re-awakes, that sometimes prevents BTT from recovering. Then I go to BTT's menu in the menu bar, where it reports that BTT is currently hidden and I can un-hide it from there.

Are there any logs I can send you @Andreas_Hegenberg?

It's really annoying to have to keep clicking to show it.

I am reporting my problems to another thread, I wonder which one is the official one I should whine in?

I am experiencing this problem as well. Did not happen when I initially had BTT installed but after a BTT update it started.


Same here :frowning:

if you are on 3.333 and still encounter this, go to the advanced touch bar settings and add a little delay after sleep

Hello guys and follow this:

Make sure you also add BTT in users & groups under login items: