BetterTouchTool Draining Crazy Battery and Memory

BTT may be draining my battery. I'm not too sure why, I only use BTT for my touch bar and trackpad/magic mouse shortcuts. A thread from a few years ago said things running scripts on my touch bar drain battery, but how do I find that out?

All I have on my touch bar are the following:
Settings for the GoldenChaos extension (I use a few things from there), caffeinate, connect to AirPods, turn on/off bluetooth, mute, date and time, battery, notification centree, Siri, time until full, CPU usage Activity Monitor. When I hold control, the different touch bar appears, showing lock, Screenshot Screen, and Mission Control.

Do any of those run scripts? My Mac runs noticeable faster when the app isn't open, but I am so used to using the trackpad shortcuts now I can't Ive without BTT, is there anything I can do to reduce RAM usage (it usually varies from around 80mb to 150mb).

To note, I have a Mid 2020 Intel I5 MacBook Pro (Model A2289).

Wich BTT version are you using?

One thing that can drain battery if something goes wrong is the experimental iCloud/Dropbox sync (which I'm working to replace). If you have that enabled, try to disable it.

Version 4.272.

Sorry, I'm not all too tech savvy and I really don't know what this means! Could you please tell me how to turn this off?

I mean the sync in the BTT settings:

It's off by default, so it would only be on if you explicitly enabled it in the past.